School Development

  • A trust that recognises each of its academies as unique establishments, which serve the needs of their individual communities.
  • Support through transition; taking the hard work out of the conversion process, so that schools can continue to concentrate on teaching and learning. Our team have the experience to guide and assist you through the process.
  • Support from high performing strategic partnerships of the trust.
  • An enhanced school improvement offer 
  • Increasing economies of scale, shared resources, recruitment, retention and meaningful collaboration which enable schools to focus as much budget as possible on the pupils.
  • A commitment to developing a strong learning culture across the trust
  • Services of a Chief Financial Officer, assuring the financial health and probity of the trust and its individual academies.

And an absolute commitment to making teaching as good as it can be to impact on pupil outcomes and experiences. 


Why we do what we do

One of the aims of bringing schools together in trusts is to provide them with levels of support and collective learning that would not be achievable for any school on its own. Sustainable collaborative school improvement is our core business to improve outcomes and experiences for all pupils. Schools joining the trust enter an environment of collaboration with the aim of supporting each other on a journey to outstanding. The Rose Learning Trust believes in developing its workforce to maximise the opportunities and success of its pupils.

The Rose Learning Trust school improvement strategy demonstrates its commitment to developing a strong learning culture across the trust. This investment will result in a talented and dedicated workforce, working effectively within our academies and across the wider trust, making teaching as good as it can be and ultimately impacting on pupil outcomes and experiences.

How we do what we do

  1. The goal is for every child to have a great teacher in what they teach (curriculum) and how they teach (pedagogy) 
  2. For this to happen, we need to mobilise for every teacher, the best evidence from research
  3. There is no improvement for pupils without improvement in teaching and no improvement in teaching without the best professional development
  4. Improvement for pupils comes from the best support from all the adults who work in school, supporting teaching and learning and/or providing business continuity
  5. Curriculum Essentials – the curriculum lies at the heart of education, and subjects lie at the heart of the curriculum. Teachers need strong knowledge and understanding of the subjects they teach and how to teach them.
  6. The facilitation of better professional development, support and challenge will ultimately lead to better teaching and sustainable improvement for all pupils.


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Transforming futures collaboratively