Our Staff

The Rose Trust staff talent pool

As a Trust, we acknowledge the need to retain and develop talented staff within our schools. We will use the growth of the trust to provide professional opportunities for ambitious, skilled staff who share our vision and who are interested in developing their skills. We also have a strong emphasis on ITT development.

We are looking for schools who share our ambitions for the future, whose culture and ethos match ours, and who are committed to providing the very best for their children both academically and socially.

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Central Team

Chief Executive Officer

Helen Harrison       

HH (2).jpg                                                                                          

Deputy Chief  Executive Officer

Jeremy Harris

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Chief Financial Officer

Amy Skelton

AS (2).jpg

Chief Projects Officer/Data Protection Officer

Deborah Temperton

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Trust Finance Officer 

Emma Dobson





David Thewlis

Professor Damien Page

David Holland

Sami Mirza


Chair of Trust Board

Peter Haynes

Vice Chair of Trust Board

Sarah Page


Ellen Walker

Darren Holmes

Helen Bellinger

Josh Greaves

Jane Marriott OBE



Transforming futures collaboratively