Good governance is essential to the success of any organisation. The purpose of governance at The Rose Learning Trust is to ensure it achieves its mission by:

  • Setting the ethos, culture and vision
  • Making decisions about policy and strategy
  • Overseeing and scrutinising organisation performance
  • Ensuring organisational accountability

The Rose Learning Trust has three levels of governance, to hold the CEO and Principals to account, and to ensure that the trust operates as a charity and a limited company should do. 


The Members meet on an annual basis. They have an important role to play in overseeing and holding the Trustees to account for the governance arrangements of the trust. 


The Trust Board meets six times a year and manages the business of the trust with a focus on the three core functions of governance:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of its pupils and the performance management of staff
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the trust and making sure its money is well spent

It is assisted in this work by the audit and risk committee and the education standards committee. These committees check that the trust complies with all relevant legal obligations and regulations, financially, educationally and operationally.

Local Governing Bodies (LGBs)

Local Governing Bodies meet 3 times a year and examine the performance of each academy in detail holding the Headteachers to account.

The Scheme of Delegation sets out which functions will be delegated 


Click on a school name to visit their Local Governing Body pages:

Balby Central Primary Academy

Chair of Governors: Stephen Burnage

Crowle Primary Academy

Chair of Governors: Donna Young

Hatchell Wood Primary Academy

Chair of Governors: Cathryn Street

Lakeside Primary Academy

Chair of Governors: Patricia Astbury

Owston Park Primary Academy

Chair of Governors: Sue Williams

Richmond Hill Primary Academy

Chair of Governors: Mavis Latham

Scawsby Junior Academy

Chair of Governors: Andrea Webber

Townfield Primary School

Chair of Governors: Vicki Harper-Ward

Woodfield Primary School

Chair of Governors: Rosie Baldock


Members 2023-2024

Name Appointed by Appointment Start Date Resignation Date
David Holland Trust 13/01/2017  
Prof Damien Page Trust 13/0/1/2017  
Anne Elliott Trust 05/07/2022  
Jonathan Sharp Trust 20/01/2023  
Darren Holmes Trust 29/09/2023  


Members left within the last 12 months

Name Appointed by Appointment Start Date Resigned
David Thewlis Trust 13/01/2017 20/01/2023
Sami Mirza Trust 26/03/2021 18/01/2023


Trustees Terms of Office 2023-2024

Name Appointed By Appointment Start Date Appointment End Date Resignation Date
Peter Steadman (Chair) Trust 02/02/2023 15/01/2027  
Sami Mirza (Vice Chair) Trust 20/01/2023 19/01/2027  
Sarah Page Trust 28/06/2018 27/06/2026  
Darren Holmes Trust 28/06/2018 27/06/2026 28/09/2023
Helen Bellinger Trust 26/03/2021 25/03/2025  
Josh Greaves Trust 26/03/2021 25/03/2025  
Jane Marriott OBE Trust 26/03/2021 25/03/2025 16/09/2023
Paul Davies Trust 14/07/2022 13/07/2026  
Rebecca Rowett Trust 21/09/2023 20/09/2027  
Jayne Tory Trust 21/09/2023 20/09/2027  


Trustees left within the last 12 months

Name Appointed by Appointment Start Date Resigned
Peter Haynes Trust 01/02/2021 07/12/2022
Darren Holmes Trust 28/06/2018 28/09/2023
Jane Marriott OBE Trust 26/03/2021 16/09/2023


Finance Audit and Risk Committee 2023-2024

Josh Greaves  (Chair)

Sami Mirza

Paul Davies

Helen Bellinger


Education Standards Committee 2023-2024

Sarah Page (Chair)

Helen Bellinger

Rebecca Rowett


Safeguarding Trustee

Helen Bellinger


Accounting Officer

Helen Harrison


Chief Finance Officer

Amy Skelton




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