Lakeside Primary Academy

Our school values are based on the two foundation stones of knowledge and respect.  Schools are places of learning and we put the acquisition of knowledge at the forefront of everything we do.

We have four core values that are summarised by the following imperatives:

Stay Safe:  We have a school culture of safeguarding that applies to everything we do.  Children also learn to keep themselves and others safe in all circumstances that they might encounter.

Be Kind:  Kindness and consideration to ourselves and others keeps us happy and motivated.  They give us the social skills, emotional regulation and resilience we need to learn, develop and succeed.

Show Respect:  Children learn to have a respectful understanding of difference: ethnicity, nationality, language, religious faith, culture, disability, gender and LGBT identities.  Children need factual knowledge to be truly tolerant.

Work Hard:  Our 'Lakeside Learners' metacognition skills for successful learning are embedded in every class room. Children learn the skills of learning and can say how they learn best.

Finally, we very much value the support that parents, carers and families give to their children and our school. Your views are important to us.


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