Governance and Improvement


The great strength of a Multi Academy Trust is the collective and combined responsibility that all leaders hold for pupils. This can also be the most significant potential weakness.

If one or more of our schools become vulnerable then we all become vulnerable. Derailment of improvement in one school carries the potential to impact negatively on all establishments within the trust. This means school improvement must be about having a collective intelligence about each of our academies so that we know when and how support for improvement might be given, and which colleagues are best equipped to offer this.

The culture and identify of each academy is locally determined with reference to the community, the Local Governing Body, learners and the Trust. Likewise, the threads of practice or core pedagogies that weave their way throughout each academy’s practice are autonomously designed with the help and oversight of the Trust.

The ROSE values represent those aspects of academy provision that are deemed to be pivotal in order to secure strong outcomes for all pupils. Strong academies have discretion around how they address each keystone value.


Governance within the Trust operates at three levels:

Members, Trustees and Governors work within this framework to enact and augment oversight, challenge and support by focusing on the core aspect of academy development: quality of educational provision offered by the academy, including outcomes for pupils.

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