Ethos and Values

Our Vision –    Transforming futures collaboratively

Our Mission –  Expecting more than others think possible


The Rose Learning Trust, a local solution where leaders hold each other to account for the collective performance of the trust.

A trust in which schools seek to support and productively challenge each other to improve outcomes and life chances for all of its children in all of its communities.

A trust which shapes the educational future rather than being shaped by events.


The work of the Rose Learning Trust has a moral purpose, displayed through our ‘ROSE’ values, which are applicable to the pupils, staff and work of the trust itself.


with integrity in a modern world

A partnership of schools, which is values driven, self-critical, mutually accountable, that respects and has regard for the distinctiveness of each school.


Expecting more than others think possible. Aspiring to improve on our previous best and always striving for excellence


for all through excellent teaching

Improvement for all, socially and academically, and never accepting barriers as an excuse. Fostering a commitment to staff and student learning through authentic engagement and earned autonomy.


and inclusion

To champion evidenced based best practice in a collaborative school- led system, through a culture of appreciative enquiry and intellectual curiosity.


Transforming futures collaboratively