Balby Central Primary Academy

At Balby Central we pride ourselves on our strong inclusive ethos and rich cultural diversity which celebrates each child’s uniqueness and individuality. Our approach is driven by high expectations of learning and behaviour as we encourage all children ‘to be the best they can be’. We provide a safe and stimulating environment which supports rich learning experiences and where children can develop as individuals academically, socially and emotionally.

Each aspect of the curriculum focuses on quality teaching and child centred learning to encourage our children from an early age to become independent, achieve well and make good progress. We believe the links we make with parents, governors and the local community are essential to achieve the aspirational goals we have for our children.

At Balby Central Primary School we are committed to providing opportunities for children to explore their own culture and to have a clear understanding and appreciation of cultural influences that have shaped modern Britain today.  Our core belief is underpinned by ‘Respect’ – respect for ourselves, respect for each other, respect for the environment and to understand how we show respect and tolerance for different faiths, beliefs and systems. We are a school for all.

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